Year-End Giving

Year End Donation

Would you like your year-end donation to go to local families in need?

Open Arms Mission has been assisting our neighbors in Antioch (62%) and Lake Villa (38%) Townships for fifteen years. Each week, we provide 2 days of meals and outreach referrals for neighbors who are food insecure. This January through October we have averaged 283 households each week.

We need your financial help to continue this community effort.

Every Person Has a Unique Story:

Ann & Her Family

I would like to introduce you to Ann, a Mom, wife and client of Open Arms Mission. Ann has 5 children, 4 currently living with she and her husband, one son is in the military. Around 2009, Ann was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s, Ann is 45 years old and unable to work. Ann’s husband has a job which puts them just over the amount to receive assistance and in addition he deals with an emotional illness which prevents him from taking responsibility for the home and raising the children. As those responsibilities become Ann’s, she struggles to keep it all together. Your support will help Open Arms Mission provide 2 days of meals for Ann’s family.


Meet Harry, 89 years old and living on his own, in his own home. Harry lives on his Social Security which supports his auto insurance, auto gas, Medicare supplement, prescriptions, taxes and utilities. What is left is for food and any auto/home repairs. Harry feels stretched to the limit after exhausting his savings 9 years ago. Your support will help Open Arms Mission provide 2 days of meals for Harry as he moves into his 90th year.

Disability Payments Often Aren’t Enough

There are times I am asked, “When a person is receiving Disability Payments, why are they coming to the food pantry for assistance?” There is a very simple answer. The bills you have when working, still have to be paid even when you are on a fixed income that is 80% or less of your regular income. Which bills do you choose to pay? If your injury or illness is severe enough and you will not be going back to work, your wait can be 2 years with no income from Social Security Disability. Your support will help Open Arms Mission provide 2 days of meals for these families who deal with food insecurity.

We cannot solve everyone’s issues, but we can ensure their family has food during the process.