Weekend Backpacks


For a child growing up in a food insecure home, the weekend is often the hardest time when it comes to meals and nutrition. Public school programs help meet food insecurity needs during the week; but the trip home on Friday is often filled with tension and anxiety. Where will breakfast, lunch, and dinner come from for the next two days? How can we help serve our community’s children, who experience this on a weekly basis?

We invite you to join us in supporting the Weekend Backpack program. We partner with local schools to provide supplementary food on the weekends to students who have been identified as food insecure. Most of the students identified, are on free or reduced lunch programs that help meet some of their needs during the week. The Weekend Backpacks program helps continue the food support they receive on the weekends.

Below is a sample list of some of the food items we provide. If you are interested in helping support this program, please consider making a donation today. To learn more about the Weekend Backpacks program visit here.

  • 12oz can of pop-top pasta (spaghetti-o type)
  • Microwavable Mac & Cheese
  • Microwavable Soup in a pop-top
  • Instant Cereals/ Small Boxes of Individual Cereal
  • Individual Applesauce or boxes of Raisins
  • Snacks

Thanks for your consideration.