Senior Support

Many of our older neighbors struggle between choosing to pay for medicine, utility bills or food. Our Senior Support Program currently serves residents at 6 independent living facilities. For some, residency is based on financial criteria. A number of residents are low-income and find themselves food insecure. Currently, Seniors supporting themselves receive a maximum of $16.00 in food stamps. Therefore, any assistance OAM provides helps their limited income go farther. Most of our clients do not drive and are unable to come to Open Arms Mission on their own during distribution hours. Therefore, OAM delivers fresh, perishable and non-perishable foods, personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies.

Currently we have two programs. The first program delivers items to Cedar Village every other week and Lakewood Towers each week. Volunteers set up items in the common area and the residents “shop for free.” The second program includes weekly delivery of prepackaged boxes to residents at Millview Manor, Oakridge Senior Apartments, Orchard Manor and Tiffany Senior Apartments.