November Newsletter


During 2015 we are averaging 283 families/individuals every week, each living their own unique story…

Have you ever gotten lost driving home from the store? For Ann, a Mom and wife with 4 children at home, this is reality. About 7 years ago, she was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s and unable to work. Ann’s husband has a job which puts them just over the amount to receive assistance. He deals with an emotional illness which prevents him from taking responsibility for the home and raising the children. As those responsibilities became solely Ann’s, she struggles to keep it all together. Your support helps us deliver 2 days of meals to Ann’s family.

How many 89 years old’s do you know living on their own, in their own home? Meet Harry who lives on his Social Security that supports his auto insurance, auto gas, Medicare supplement, prescriptions, taxes and utilities. What money is left each month is for food and any auto/home repairs. Harry feels stretched to the limit after exhausting his savings 9 years ago. Your support helps provides 2 days of meals for Harry as he celebrates his 90th birthday.

We are often asked, “When a person is receiving Disability Payments or unemployment, why are they coming to the food pantry for assistance?” Simple answer, the bills you have when working, still have to be paid even when you are on a fixed income that is 80% or less of your regular income. Which bills do you pay?

If you are not able to go back to work, your wait can be 2 years with no income before Social Security Disability begins.


  • OAM has assisted 29,427 individuals
    • averaging 283 each week / 136 are deliveries / includes 6 Senior Apartments
    • 32% are children under the age of 18
    • families are eligible to come once a week & receive 2 days of meals based on family size, includes frozen meat and fresh milk
  • OAM distributes 200 gallons of fresh milk each week
  • OAM is distributing an average of 73 weekend backpacks of food for children during school year
  • OAM distributed 386 Easter Ham Family Dinners
  • OAM distributed 330 School Supply Kits
  • anticipate distributing 500+ Holiday Meal Boxes for each holiday – Thanksgiving & Christmas
  • anticipate Christmas shopping for over 600 children
  • 2 part time staff
  • Thank you to the 83 weekly core volunteers
  • Church & community monthly volunteer groups
    Special thanks to Allendale Students & Faculty – Antioch Jr. Woman’s Club – Antioch Rotary Club – Beautiful Savior Church – Boy Scout Troop of Lake Villa – Christian Life Fellowship Church – Curves Girls – Interact Club of District #117 Northbridge Church – Poole Family – St Ignatius Episcopal Church – St Mark Lutheran Church – St Peter Catholic Church – St Raphael Catholic Church – St Stephen Lutheran Church and Woodforest Bank
  • Monthly Weekend Backpack Volunteers – Special thanks to Antioch United Methodists Church – Northbridge Church – St Stephen’s Lutheran Church


  • $25.00 buys a Thanksgiving Dinner
    • turkey and all the fixings for 8
  • $25.00 buys a Christmas Dinner
    • ham and all the fixings for 8

as a 501c3, cash donations are tax deductible


by Shopping for children’s Christmas Gifts

  • We anticipate shopping for over 600 children this year
  • Parents/guardians develop a list that includes child’s sizes and gift ideas
  • Let us know how many children you want to shop for and we will supply you with their list

For some children this may be their only gifts – call us for more information 847-395-0309

Download printable version here: 2015OAMNEWSLETTER.docx