Adopt a Family

OAM volunteers have collected gift requests from children’s parents and guardians

Guidelines for Gifts

  • Each child – clothing request and 2 to 3 gifts ideas.
  • Focus on gifts that can be wrapped and opened at Christmas for younger children (No gift cards for children 13 or younger).
  • Something for the whole family: a game and/or necessity such as blankets or towels (something everyone can use).
  • Please do not wrap presents. You may include a roll or two of wrapping paper and scotch tape (we want the parents to see what the child is receiving and give them the opportunity to wrap and tag the gifts themselves).

Guidelines for Delivering Gifts

  • Tag each item (example: “girl 10” or “boy 3”).
  • Place the items in a large black bag(s).
  • Tag each bag with the family number (which you will receive upon signing up to adopt-a-family). If you have multiple bags please mark: “1 of 2,” “2 of 2,” etc.
  • If one of the gifts is a gift card ,please include in an envelope attached to the outside of one of the bags.

Please deliver your tagged, black gift bags on Saturday, December 5th between 9 AM and Noon.

If you would like to sign up to adopt-a-family contact us:

  • 847.395.0309
  • (subject: “attn: adopt a family”)

Thank you for your consideration.